Common beliefs I don’t subscribe to

I am a regular guy. I believe in most things as-a-matter-of-factly because they were told to me by somehow who is trustworthy. And how do I determine if these people are trustworthy? Well, that’s based on some other people who have told me so. Oh yes, that’s basically what human knowledge is and therefore stop…


進化論應該是現今科學界最受歡迎的理論。 最近剛好有機會看了幾本關於進化論的書,好像可以裝懂一點,可是我永遠不能想像我們是從一些很不一樣的生物(好像猩猩)演變過來的,不管時間花了多久。 當然,我不能想像並不代表什麼。可是說到底,理論只是一個工具,一個幫我們去了解真相的工具。它的有效期是在於下一個更好的工具的出現。 儘管我對進化論有多不了解/不滿,最近我卻對它有一些幻想。