Common beliefs I don’t subscribe to

I am a regular guy. I believe in most things as-a-matter-of-factly because they were told to me by somehow who is trustworthy. And how do I determine if these people are trustworthy? Well, that’s based on some other people who have told me so. Oh yes, that’s basically what human knowledge is and therefore stop…


不管宗教背景,大家一定有聽過天堂與地獄。例如英文的 for heaven’s sake和what the hell。 我對地獄比較有興趣,因為: 1. 天堂跟地獄應該是兩極,所以理解了一個,也基本上可以理解到另外一個。 2. 好的東西不用想太多,要想當然是要想想事情可以有多差。(就等於期待掛8號一樣,我們更關心的是什麼時候下風球。) 所以我常常在想,到底地獄是怎樣的?