Life lesson

One of the biggest reasons I started this blog was to leave something for my son to read. I believe when he gets to the age that would even bother to consider some of these things, I would probably be too old to communicate with him effectively or simply be dead by then. Also, I…


前幾個禮拜,在路上看到一位媽媽對一位大概只有三四歲的小孩大罵。 “我講過好多次,你不要挑戰我的底線!” 我可以肯定,那個哭得很可憐的小女生應該聽不懂這種在電視劇才出現的對白。反而那位母親在工作上卻是挺有機會聽到這句話。父母潛意識找小孩發洩實在是非常普遍的。