My prediction of the future (beta version)

This is not my first prediction of the future. Yet, after reading another book on this topic, I just can’t help but to try write another random one. Be warned. These are extremely random and most of them are without their appropriate justifications (I can write more if I get any questions). In fact, I…


前幾天,一家我已經幫忙很久的startup打來問我,如何找合夥人? 這位年輕的創業家,居然在香港搞文化產業也做出不錯的成果,可是一直以來他都是single founder。 這件事讓我想到合夥人這個議題。


Another night of drinking, another night of great company with my business partner. And the same theme keeps on re-appearing: business is all about people.

Saving private startups

One of the most interesting phenomenon I observe in the startup ecosystem is that everyone assumes startups need help – a lot of help. Therefore everyone is offering mentorship, training, advising, sharing (paid or pro bono), and of course a lot of grants too… Is this right?