AI is here?

What broke the Internet today, well at least my Internet, was the Google AI assistant making a restaurant and hair salon appointment. As I read through my friends’ reactions on social media, I can’t help but wonder, what does this really mean?

My prediction of the future (beta version)

This is not my first prediction of the future. Yet, after reading another book on this topic, I just can’t help but to try write another random one. Be warned. These are extremely random and most of them are without their appropriate justifications (I can write more if I get any questions). In fact, I…


前幾天,一家我已經幫忙很久的startup打來問我,如何找合夥人? 這位年輕的創業家,居然在香港搞文化產業也做出不錯的成果,可是一直以來他都是single founder。 這件事讓我想到合夥人這個議題。


Another night of drinking, another night of great company with my business partner. And the same theme keeps on re-appearing: business is all about people.