Milton Friedman and our world now

Recently I have stumbled upon some YouTube videos on Milton Friedman, a famous American economist who received a Nobel prize on economics. Generally, I don’t put too much weight on Nobel prizes because I believe it’s a highly convoluted system with a lot of inside dealings (especially peace prizes). But Professor Friedman is truly different.…


發生了好幾個月的“反送中”活動,到了今天,已經從一開始的反送中條例,到五大訴求(雖然應該蠻多人說不出是什麼),再到時代革命,甚至乎有一些人把它跟最敏感的港獨議題拉在一起。 我也有我的想法,可是我覺得想法是不值錢,不重要的。重要是到底自己的想法有沒有演變,有沒有進步,不然這個想法也只是一種自我安慰,自我陶醉的行為。 要有進步,也不是天天自己去想就有,而是需要有適當的腦袋衝擊。 最近終於有了。


去年在台灣買了一台車,常常帶家人開車到處玩,非常過癮! 同時也發現,台灣交通真的很亂,很沒秩序。機車儘管載了一家大小也會亂閃,小路出大路大部份車都不會讓,覺得慢慢開在旁邊就好。在台灣開車,真的會體會到什麼是第四度空間(三台車開在兩條線上)。 這件事讓我思考到,什麼是秩序?


2013年,新一代香港人第一次看到比較嚴重的警民衝突。 2019年,我們這次又學到什麼呢?

Problems with analytics

After the recent defeat of Houston Rockets, there have been a lot (more) debates on whether analytics works – which as most of us basketball fans know, Houston Rockets is absolutely religious when it comes to analytics.

Book review 2017/2018

Back in 2016, I wrote a little review on books I read that year (2016 list), using 3 words only for each book. I didn’t do one last year so let me combine last year’s with this year’s list (yes, I cheated on some, stop nitpicking!).