The power of “not doing”

It was a nice afternoon in Hong Kong. We were looking at the beautiful Victoria Harbour. It was spectaaaaaacular. And I was with a man, a wise man, though I forgot who he was. As our topic transitioned from the scenic view of Hong Kong to land use, politics, particularly government and business (mostly property…


不只是台灣,亞洲很多地區都有面對企業,特別是“中小企業”,接班的問題。提到接班,大家會想到,如期交給下一代,不如交給專業管理人。 今天來討論一下。


前同事突然說要找我到他公司,跟他部門做什麼人生規劃的分享。 以前在四大工作,常常會到各式各樣的場合做類似的分享,蠻習慣的,可是現在卻覺得有點怕。

What’s there to learn?

I have my fair share of interviews. Back in the days when I was climbing the corporate ladders, I was obviously lucky to catch a few breaks here and there but ultimately it was also about me willing to try out different career options. My motto is: it never hurts to meet more people.