My hero

I grew up never had a hero, or any idol for that matter. I am never really into any celebrities, sports stars or any business tycoons. I have huge respect for all these people, don’t get me wrong, but they are certainly not what I would consider as a hero. Until recently I came across…


怎麼說也是一個decade的最後一個月,是時候自我檢討一下。自我檢討其實是一件很可怕的事,因為不只是要問自己怎麼看自己,而是要想自己如何想/看/想看到別人如何想/看/想看到自己(一直如此類推)。就好像前幾天我在照鏡子的時候突然發現,神經啊,我老婆原來是要天天看著我這個長相的人(好了,先不要討論其他個性的問題等等)– note 1。

Milton Friedman and our world now

Recently I have stumbled upon some YouTube videos on Milton Friedman, a famous American economist who received a Nobel prize on economics. Generally, I don’t put too much weight on Nobel prizes because I believe it’s a highly convoluted system with a lot of inside dealings (especially peace prizes). But Professor Friedman is truly different.…


要了解一個人,看他在大事情上的處理是不適合的。因為大事情本來有關聯性的事情太多,反而看一個人在小事情怎麼處理(特別是沒人注意的時候),是可以看到那個人蠻多的個性。 舉一個例子。


Recently there has been quite a lot of discussion on collaboration at the office. And it seems some colleagues have been struggling to get a good grasp of the concept. So here is my attempt to break it down in the business context.