Common beliefs I don’t subscribe to

I am a regular guy. I believe in most things as-a-matter-of-factly because they were told to me by somehow who is trustworthy. And how do I determine if these people are trustworthy? Well, that’s based on some other people who have told me so. Oh yes, that’s basically what human knowledge is and therefore stop complaining how stupid the Internet is.

There is simply no way one can learn/validate everything that we are told. Even if we want to, we simply won’t have enough time. Most worthy knowledge would take an entire lifetime to be fully appreciated and understood.

But every now and then there are some common ones I simply don’t subscribe to.

Moon landing

I know I know. Most people think this conspiracy is as dumb as believing the earth is flat. Earth is NOT flat but I don’t think men have landed on the moon. Why? For one, we had enough technologies 50 years ago to do that but somehow we decided it’s too boring to go back now? Wouldn’t Elon Musk or Richard Branson be hosting parties there already instead of cheating us that we are going to Mars soon?

Hell is bad

If the seven sins are any good indicators, hell is definitely a go-to destination. You can get to do anything you want there without any consequences. Imagine that! Heaven is just too proper for me. But to be honest, the only thing that really freaks me out is not the difference between heaven and hell, it’s infinity. I simply don’t think we can comprehend anything that is related to infinity. I don’t care how good something is, if I have to do it over and over again until the end of time (or infinity), I would pass. Hell is not bad. Infinity is hell.

Economic theories

The notion of economic growth is stupid. And I will stop at that before writing a really boring piece of essay. This is about my random belief. But even economic growth is not as bad as the concept of market value. If one person buys something at a certain price, it automatically means everything of the same nature is worth the same. Really? If I buy a 1 billionth of a company for 1 dollar, does it make it a unicorn? Or if I buy an apartment for a certain (high) price, all my neighbours instantly become richer? And in turn, we can trade on that belief? It’s crazy how people actually believe in these things.

Theory of evolution

This is probably the most admired theory among modern scientists. In fact, it’s taking on the Michael Jordan status (of being the greatest player in basketball), i.e. you can’t even merely question it. First, as the name suggests, it’s a theory, people! And the only reason why it is popular is that it was being used, at least decades ago, to fight THE establishment, i.e. western religion. If one reads any evolution theory books, it’s easy to notice that the authors are basically sadists who have been trying their entire lives to prove that the notion of God is stupid (yeah, it’s really sad if you are devoting your entire life to that!). And most of all, the theory itself is bad in two ways. One, it does not help whatsoever to predict the future, so it’s pretty useless in my book. Two, it is the classic case of confirmation bias – e.g. the bird has a big month, therefore it must be evolved that way to eat certain food. Well, the only thing we know for sure is that it has a big month, and all we have proved is that we have come up with some random reasons to justify it.

Look, I could be (likely) totally wrong but building one’s knowledge by merely hearsay (yes, lectures or most current form of education are hearsay) or searching not even beyond the second page of Google results is not a good way forward.

Knowledge is by definition generalisation. And as long as we use this knowledge as the beginning, rather than the end, of any investigation, we would be able to break out of our own ignorance (and even discrimination) and continue to build further knowledge. And asking, hopefully smart, questions is how we can bridge the beginning to the end of any investigation.

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