Book review 2019

Alright, this is becoming a little tradition, I am writing a 3 words review on books that I have read this year (as usual, I cheated a little bit).  Search for #yauread on Facebook for my book list or read my previous blog posts 2016 book review and 2017 and 2018 book review!

Here we go, in no particular order…

Talking to Strangers Wrong is wrong

The war on normal people Welfare without checking

Alone on the wall Fear is subjective

How to change your mind Psychedelics are good

Blitzscaling Spend to survive

Loonshots Success is complicated

How to talk to anyone Cheesy but useful

Capitalism without capital The 4 S’s

Enlightenment now Deaton Rosling Pinker

Man’s search for meaning Happiness must ensue

Billion dollar whale He can spend

The order of time Science made romantic

The future of capitalism Starts with family/self

Atomic habits Self-help sounds easy

No drama discipline Drama is good

Win bigly Internet change people

Why we sleep Please sleep more

Algorithms to live by 2019 best read

Measure what matters He can sell

The obesity code Try intermittent fasting

The cannabis manifesto Medical vs fun

Black rednecks and white liberals Root causes revealed

The longevity economy Old buys young

Predictably irrational Did not disappoint

Dear founder Universal truths demonstrated

The shoe dog What a biography

The madness of crowds Equality becomes privileges

The square and the tower Random history lessons

Catch and kill Where’s the line

On tyranny That last lesson

Stillness is the key Mindfulness in Costco

The silent patient Infidelity violence sex






























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