What I learned this year

Well, it’s the new year eve, what’s better to do than reflecting on the past year? Specifically, what I have learned from everything that I experienced in this amazing year.

Some people are just better than me (by a lot)

Look, I am not trying to be humble or anything like that. At my age and being the type of person that I am, I’d think I have a pretty good sense of what I am good at, and perhaps more important, what I am not so good at. This is more about admiring people who are just so damn good. See, we all know some people are just smarter, some people are more talented and some people just straight out work their asses off. But this year I have come to realise one thing – some people are all of that (note: Tony, my Rotary Club president and Amanda, my business partner). These people are just way smarter, way more talented, completely know how to deal with the most difficult and complication situations, yet easy to get along, humble, quietly confident. But what’s more, they freaking work 10x times harder than everyone else (問你服未!)!! These are the people who truly deserve all the credits. They come through in every situation, never making excuses, never taking time off, never taking shortcuts. As people say, the greatest ability is indeed availability.
Life’s too short, spend time with people who deserve my time

This is not new, but it’s always easier said than done. Apart from knowing how much time I should spend with my family, this is about being sharper around picking the people I want to spend time with – both at work and in personal life. Always spend time with people who have big hearts, who forgive, who have the right/positive attitude, who treasure my time (note: thanks my wife for being all of above), and selfishly speaking, people who are simply better than me (we are indeed the average of the people who we spend the most time with). Never spend time with people who are negative, insecure, calculating (斤斤計較) and people who think they know it all. Life is really too short and our lives are defined by the people around us. So be picky, be really picky.
有人就有得做 (I can do anything with the right team)

I learned this phrase a few years ago from a business partner who I also considered as 師傅 (Dr. Ng) in my own little entrepreneurship journey. At first, when I heard of it, my first reaction was ‘yeah right’ because it just seems too obvious. However, in the past few years, I am becoming more and more appreciative of this. It is all about people! Everything is about people, from building a family, building a friendship, to building a business. And combining the first two points from above, I now understand life is really about constructing the type of people I have the chance to meet and develop further relationships with.

So onwards to 2019. Just a quick new year resolution – complete my doctoral degree, read and write more, try out podcasting, and build something amazing with the right people around me.

Special shout out to those special people who were willing to spend time with me.

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