Book review 2017/2018

Back in 2016, I wrote a little review on books I read that year (2016 list), using 3 words only for each book. I didn’t do one last year so let me combine last year’s with this year’s list (yes, I cheated on some, stop nitpicking!).


I can’t make this up Keeping it real

Thirteen reasons why Can not relate

Tao of Pooh Not so naive

Wuthering heights Classic is classic

Homo deus A good sequel

Originals When nerd writes

The next 100 years Poland Turkey Japan

The drunkard’s walk We live once

Principles Life in codes

Designing your life Design thinking works

The sun also rises My kinda life

When breath becomes air Oh so heavy

The selfish gene An angry man

The checklist manifesto Complex vs Complicated

Astrophysics for people in a hurry Another angry man

The Julian chapter Always another side

Fingerprints of the Gods I am lost

Butterfly effect Porn is tough

The subtle art of not giving a fuck That first chapter

盛世 Heroes in Chinese

The Xiaomi way Really bad translation

Why Buddhism is true Why not Buddhism

Beyond religion Such smart man

Think and grow rich Things to learn

Life of Pi What is religion?

Shackleton’s way What is success?

Getting to yes Stay in school

Of mice and men So much emotions

It’s your ship Paths will cross

Out of my mind Author can’t relate

Misbehaving I love it!

The game Pretenders are pretenders

孩子你慢慢來 One tough lady

Alice in wonderland 無 理 頭

The 48 laws of power Dark but good

Never split the difference How do I (do that?)

The dip Good marketing term


The growth delusion Not technical enough

Fifty things that made the modern economy Funny and smart

The industries of the future Few understand technologies

The emperor of all maladies Deep yet intriguing

Kitchen confidential Startups and Restaurants

Building a storybrand Story not facts

Influence The six principles

21 lessons for the 21st century Brilliant and concise

A short history of nearly everything An interesting textbook

Factfulness Humble yet confident

Doughnut economics Knowledge is framing

Hit makers How matrix works

The seventh sense He’s technical illiterate

The art of thinking clearly Copy and paste

Pre-suasion Not too practical

Bad blood Poor little girl

Life 3.0 None understands AI

12 rules for life A smart self-promoter

AI superpowers Still about himself

Origin story Such weak arguments

I thought it was just me Mars and Venus

The minds of Billy Milligan A great actor

The righteous mind It’s about us!

Start with why Start with why (that’s all you need to know about this book)

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