Theory of evolution is dead

Challenging the theory of evolution by Darwin today feels like what Darwin was trying to do back in the days.

This is obviously not a scientific discussion nor do I possess the sufficient knowledge on this complicated theory. However, unlike the general public, I don’t like to accept a piece of ‘widely accepted knowledge without my own deliberation – even if this is purely for fun!

So here is the breakdown.

First, if you read most books/papers arguing for the theory of evolution, you will inevitably see the argument against God or more generally the ‘establishment’ at the time. See, this is one of the biggest problems – so much of the argument is framed or anchored at this very emotional issue (i.e. religion). As is often the case, this makes objective arguments easily clouded by emotions – just read books from Richard Dawkins (though this is a superb marketing strategy). Also, if someone is truly progressive (which theory of evolution at one time was, though its niche is dying down as belief in religion is also slowing dying down), it’s not about criticising the old and promoting the new, rather it’s about embracing all perspectives even if they appear to be contradicting.

I am forever a fan of constructivism more than positivism.

Second, the entire theory of evolution is subject to a popular cognitive bias – the confirmation bias. Because most are busy trying to ‘prove’ the theory by justifying why the creature is the way it is. Of course, it is the way it is because it is what it is now (classical circular argument)! Also, I think a theory is only fun at best (for arguments over beers) if it does not help in anyway predicting the future.

Finally, as with the theory of economics is currently under heavy scrutiny because of new area of research such as behavioural economics (i.e. we don’t act like selfish pre-programmed robots and not every decisions happened in a laboratory), the theory of evolution also operates in a similar manner that every creature or organism operates pretty much like a pre-programmed robot. We know things do not work this way, not for human obviously (like we take contraceptives these days) but animals are way more complex than just fighting for the ‘fittest to survive’. A hungry lion running towards a pack of gnu is as random as it gets.

Also, the theory of evolution argues because of the long history of the planet, ‘fittest’ will converge but I would argue the other way around – because of the complex systems in this planet’s life, our current result is much more ‘random’ than we think. Just like all of us only live our lives once, our individual life is really much more random than we think. And using this analogy, since our planet has only ‘lived’ once, so why are we so deterministic on what it has done and what it will do in the future?

Most of us, what does this help us in anyway?

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