How much do we really know about ourselves?

Can we really observe our feelings from a distance?

Our set of ‘system’ – our knowledge, our experience, our know-how, our perceptions – defines the ‘world’ we construct. Whilst there are many connecting points with others, our ‘world’ is uniquely constructed by us. And it should be understood that way.

Using our understanding of ourselves and the world to understand others is not just difficult but by definition impossible. Yet, our current system forces us to squeeze everything into our set of system, shove it down our limited mind, in order for us to feel safe.

One of my favourite exercises for the past few years is to observe what happens what I get upset with someone. What goes through my mind? What do I want to do with that person – in my own imagination?

So what do you do what you want to take ‘revenge’ against someone you don’t like?

The key is, in moments such as this, the ‘attacks’ we can think of are generally things that we are most intimidated ourselves.


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