This is what life is all about

Here is a cliche question: what would be your single most important advice to your younger self?

To me it’s extremely simple.

The world is fucked up.

Not just regularly fucked up, but extremely fucked up.

No, there are no fairies, rainbows and unicorns in this real world. The world is fucked up (sorry, I lied, there are rainbows in this world – but then again my lie demonstrates the world is fucked up – people don’t always tell the truth). The nice garden (or toilet) that you see is simply because there are cheap labours who have been taken advantage of to make it look nice to you. There is always a something dirty behind every beauty we see in this world

And yes, when you are number 1 (school, work, etc), you have literally made others number 2 and 3 and so on.

So stop complaining what is unfair.

Life is ALL about being unfair.

In fact, this world is operated by an evil gravity. If we don’t do anything, we get more fucked up. For example, if we don’t exercise, we get fat(ter) – which arguably is a less optimal status (I am not a doctor). If we don’t learn, we get dumb(er) – which arguably is actually a happier thing… oh… but anyway, you get the idea… Most importantly, if we don’t maintain a relationship actively, it will deteriorate…

Worse, in our lives (as I would advise my younger self), we will meet people who will betray us, who will take advantage of us, and will do whatever that pleases them (not us, although it can be incidental). Some people are just natural born assholes, dicks and (no, I don’t use the C word) and in our lives we will meet a good share of them.

Actually for those who have the time to complain about it, they should realise there are probably many more people who are worse than them because those others don’t even have the mindset or freedom to know how and what to complain. The act of complaining is an example of unfairness.

Perhaps this is why we have laws and regulations, police, and preaching of religion and virtue, because without these counters, we will get even more fucked up.

That’s life.

I am not trying to convey a message that we should be negative and pessimistic. It’s simply a fact. Yet the sooner we know it is a fact, the quicker we can do something about it. This is how to be truly positive and relevant. Not ignoring the facts of life, but fight it with intent and energy. And we will appreciate more to those who are somehow actually nice to us! Remember, being positive and happy is not a natural state – it’s a state to be maintained with a lot of effort (just looked at my beer gut).

And this is what the meaning of life is – to fight against this fucked up world.

So let’s stop saying we want to make a dent in this universe (damaging public infrastructure is a criminal offence) – rather we should keep fighting against this fucked up world – and yes, repairing a dent is more meaningful.

As a note to my younger self: learn to say no to negativity, have hope, build trust and be ready to put in all my best efforts to fight against this evil gravity.

Yes, fuck this world.

And never give up because this is what life is about.

It’s a beautiful struggle.

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