Me, me, me

I have been thinking of buying a new laptop computer for a while.

And then I saw this….

25188683_10212750042460356_7737624247869972890_oLooking at my keyboard, I can’t help but notice some letters are used much more than others. I never really took notice until last night. And the most used letter is…


Damn…. (well, my defence.. I use N quite often too, and for Chinese input where I am using PINYIN, You is ‘NI’)

Anyway… Just looking at this blog so far, I have used (yes, including this one) six ‘I‘ already! This is sick!

Yet, this is not just about me. It is not difficult to notice we all love to talk about ourselves if we actually pay attention. Most of our conversation is about us talking about ourselves to others. And the older we get, the worse it gets!!!

Me, me, me. Opinion, Opinion, opinion.

Opinion is probably the most abundant commodity is this world. We all produce it, we all consume it (reluctantly). And despite it is completely worthless, we love it.

This shows the world is not just about money – opinion is the perfect example.

Perhaps Chinese are right after all, silence is gold.

So what’s on your keyboard?

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