Hay Day

I am a real late comer. I only started playing this game recently.

This doesn’t matter. There is never the perfect time. I was one of the earliest players of Clash of Clans. And the game only grew popular after I got bored with it. So I missed out a lot of cool features the came much later.


Hay day is not a new idea. We had similar games before on Facebook many years before, whether it is farming or operating a restaurant. The concepts are similar.  You grow or cook something, you sell that to others and make virtual money. With this virtual money, you continue to make your business bigger, more beautiful and all in the process of making yourself much busier.

So this is what I have found playing this game.

For a start, it is the best argument against the premise that most of us are realists, materialists.  We are not! Even the most pragmatists have dreams. Building a completely virtual, imaginary, arbitrary ‘farm’ is truly satisfying for most of us. Because we care about our achievements more than what that thing itself (that’s why we also have sports like… um… excuse me… curling).

The game also truly explains the notion of time is money. You can do whatever free if you are willing to wait. The only problem is, we have a limited lifespan. So if you can’t/won’t wait, you will have to pay real money, instead of the virtual money in the game. This is so true in just about every life decision that we have to make. We all have a ‘timer’ that we can’t see.

The power of hierarchy. We want to get to a higher level. We want to have an amazing looking farm. We want to have produce that no one has (doesn’t matter we are planning to sell or donate them). In real life, we all say we wish we have a fair and equitable society. But at the same time, we love to compare. We want to be better than others. Or at least put it mildly or from a different perspective, we all aspire to be better (than others). Sure, it must be a good thing to aspire to be the next Einstein or Michael Jordan, right? But that only means you need to beat the crap out of others in science or basketball. As much as we don’t want to admit to it, we all care so much about class and hierarchy. So, be real guys.

This brings us back to the game. It is so peaceful. Building our beautiful farms won’t affect others (in fact will only help others). But in the real world, when there is always a competition of scarce resource, building something great must mean you are taking something away from others. It sounds horrible but it’s true. There is only one number one player. If you are the boss that means you have someone working for you. But we don’t have to worry about all these when we play this game.

And that’s why we love this game.

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