Living through the journey of death

From the day we are born, we all share one destiny. We are on our way to death. This is perhaps the biggest paradox in this world, the journey which we strive towards this ultimate destiny is what we call life.

See, this is also the reason why there is no real pessimist in this world. Since death is the inevitable, why do we even bother anyway unless we are optimist (or supreme illusionist)? We must be really worked up about this to give it a meaningful try. Except the suicidal (usually temporary), who doesn’t procrastinate against death? The food that we devour, the exercise that we endure, the rest that we enjoy, the medicine that we suffer are all futile acts against this goal. It’s like me in the ring with Conor Mcgregor – this shit is not going to end well.

I have never seen a normal human being out of the blue (or while enjoying a Sunday brunch with family) just says, “Fuck it, this is all too much effort, how about if I just die now?” We trick ourselves into enjoying this death row, not so different from inmates being gracious of their last meal. Whoever says they are at peace with death, just see what happens when a lion runs at them. Oh yes, that’s what fear is all about too. If you don’t care about death, you have no fear in this world.  Our biggest fear is our own survival. You are thinking about other fears such as poverty? Here’s an advice, if you are poor, just go and rob a bank (if you are smarter, an investment bank). Worried about getting shot by the police (see, you don’t get shot by being a CEO of an investment bank)? Sooner or later we will get to the same conclusion.

If this all sounds a bit grey, wait, it’s only going to get worse (we are all a bit closer to our death after you spent those precious seconds reading the above). You may think there must be a positive spin to this blog (or life) after all, right? Sorry, no, there is none. It’s just like a cancer doctor giving out the bad news to the terminally ill patient (aren’t we all one but only on a longer timescale?), the news is the same, it’s just the way he says it.

What should we do then? Just “live the moment”?

If death is the world’s fairest mediating factor among all lives, then living the moment has to be the biggest scam. We don’t live the moment. It’s mentally and physically impossible. If we truly live the moment, why bother going to work, why bother holding our punches back when we encounter a jerk (yes, they are everywhere), why do we save wealth, why do we plan or plant, why do we act environmentally responsible, why do we make bookings and appointments, in fact why should we even have timetables for just about anything in life? The human race will vanish in no time if we are honest about our own future, assuming if it is one.

For the every why above, we may have other fluffy thoughts such as love, virtue, meaning, etc. Fine, if that’s how we should act, let’s just act on. Act as if we care or act as if we have something to lose (we have lost starting day 1). May be we are indeed the supreme illusionist. So let’s keep this magic show going.

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