How to become a billionaire – 5 simple steps to reach your dream fast

Face it, we all want to be rich.  How awesome it is to become a billionaire!

Of course, we never really dream about being a billionaire, but we dream about the things that come along when we are actually billionaires.  Cars, luxury, power, admiration, you name it.

So pay attention, this is how!

Win a lottery. 

Let’s face it, it’s not easy.  Life is not supposed to be easy though.  You have to earn it.  Yet this is the easiest way for you to achieve it.  You just need to follow these simple steps and your life long dream will become a reality!  Guarantee!

1. Do you research

There are many lotteries all around the world.  You have to do your homework.  You have to know which ones offer the best reward yet being the closest proximity to you (considering the travelling costs and currency exchange rates, etc.).  For example, different states in US offer vastly different payout, so are different countries in Asia.  You have to do what you have to do to understand the market.  Then you have to attack the market!  If this means you have to go to Paris to buy EuroMillions, so be it.  You can’t be tamed by the brutal reality.  You are chasing your dream!

2. Understand the market

You will never win the lottery if you don’t fill the lottery tickets correctly.  Filling in a lottery ticket is as hard or as simple as you want to make it out to be.  In any case, you have to do your homework.  As Sun Tse said it, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” If you don’t know how to do it, just ask!  Life is about reaching out for help if you are uncertain.  Ask someone who is an expert in the field, particularly ones who have won lottery before because they surely know better.  Mentors are truly valuable.  It can be daunting to reach out at first, but you can’t be put off by it.  Face it, fight, just go all out to complete that lottery ticket.  You should be so proud of yourself once you overcome your fear and get it done.

3. Study the market

Don’t know what numbers to pick?  Look at the past results!  They are sure to tell you what’s going to be the next result – or use machine learning and artificial intelligence – at least it will give you some very good educated estimates.  Don’t be lazy, study at least all the last year’s results.  There is no easy way around it.  You have to put in the effort.  You have to learn from the history.  The answer is never that obvious, but it is surely there for those who pay enough attention to it.

4. Be persistent

Look, congratulations if you win the lottery the first time around.  There are many people who have done it.  If you have done so, share your wisdom.  But don’t get despair if you don’t.  You need to be persistent.  That’s the indisputable virtue for us human beings.  It’s the purpose of our life.  To chase after something you truly value.  No, you can’t give up so easily.  Colonel Sanders got his success when he was 200 years old.  So you really can’t give up so easily.  You have to continue to fight. Don’t settle for mediocrity, because you are special, as what your parents have told you.

5. Luck

Well, after all, we all need a bit of luck.

Now, if you follow these five simple steps, I can guarantee you that you will win the lottery, well, in due course, unless you are terribly unlucky, or useless, for whatever other reasons.


Think this is all BS?  Well, think of how many articles/books/advices that you have read in the past year (albeit in slightly different context or wordings).

Happy 2017!

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