The rise of personalised opinions

This has been bugging me for a while – with our different concerns and conflicts at a seemingly all time high – what is so different about this generation that we are living in?

I believe it is the rise of personalised opinions.

Allow me to break this down.

We always have opinions, this is not something new.  But what’s new are two things.

First, I believe it’s the rise of the middle class.  Middle class works as middle level management of large companies.  That pretty much has been the majority of our success stories on the ground.  Yes, we all enjoy the stories of Apple and Facebook, but what we are all deeply concerned with is our own living.  And working as middle management is the most logical way to achieve a decent one.

But what’s wrong with middle management (which now typically represents a big chunk of a company these days)?  Well, middle management by definition doesn’t really decide on a lot of things.  They only decide on things that belong to a larger bureaucracy.  And they don’t actually ‘do’ either – those belong to the lower levels. As a result, middle management talks – so they need to have opinions.  And the more vague and unclear the better too.  So as a species, we have developed the perfect system to nurture a large population to have opinions that don’t really matter….

Which leads to the second point, the Internet. Now we have a medium to express our opinions that makes us actually feel important.  What’s better than saying something in the middle of a thousand people Facebook post discussion?  Or a trending tweets?  Of course we don’t usually care if our opinion is correct or relevant, we are so used to it in our work environment anyway. We just want to feel important.

This leads to my final point. Personalised opinion.  Well, opinions are personal, that is true. But in the old days, opinions are supposed to be expressed to others, to change someone or to change something. Now most of us only care if we have our own opinion, whether it’s good or not.  That’s why are our opinions are highly personalised to ourselves. And the natural conclusion is, why should we even care about others’ personalised opinions?

Of course, this is bad, really bad.

Oh yes, by the way, your truly has just expressed his very own personalised opinion, and it feels good, even if no one ever reads this post.

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