Super company

I was watching the latest show from Jamie Oliver, Super Food.

“I want you to eat this not because it’s healthy, but because it’s tasty”, said the TV veteran.

Yes, super food.

Humans eat because it’s good for us, from basic survival to our well being. But our recent history has trained us to believe that taste is more important, so much so that we should forget about our health. Don’t get me wrong, taste is important. But first, it should not be an opposite to health. And second, it is not the single factor affecting the pricing. We need to eat healthy and tasty food. We need super food. In fact, if we go back to our basics, we ‘want’ super food!

And we want super company too.

The whole debate of balancing profit and purpose has put a strain on me. In fact, I have been deliberately avoiding ‘labels’ such as social enterprise, social business, impact investing, etc. They create more confusion for most people than give any real clarity.

What we want is super company. Because this is why we build business in the first place.

Perhaps some of the biggest innovations for our society are simply going back to the basics.

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