How to start a startup (unorthodox version) – Part 2

2. Sell

It’s important to get into the habit of getting people to pay you. Because like it or not, as sexy as startups may sound, it’s a business. And to have a viable business, you need to generate revenue (at some point). I know there is a freemium model and some complicated business models that require building a free user base first (such as search engines), but don’t give yourself excuse, you need acquire this habit.  And we are talking about getting some revenue – it can be whatever small amount. Because 0.01 is infinitely larger than 0.

So for whatever you have built, even if it’s more minimal than viable, get people to pay for it as customers. People talk about Family, Friends and Fools (FFFs) being the common early stage investors, I would argue it’s much more beneficial to have FFFs as your very first customers. If you feel bad about taking money from them as your customers, stop now.

Part 3: Find 10 startups that do the same thing

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