How to start a startup (unorthodox version) – Part 10

10. Align your expectations

Finally, it’s all about aligning your expectations. The interesting thing about startup is not you can get to work on something that really interests you. You can achieve the same thing by doing any old hobbies, or simply lying on a couch. The really exciting thing about startup from a business perspective is the chance of growth. Big growth. The whole deal about technology startup is because they can ‘scale’ wonderfully – and scaling means growth!

Growth brings you hope (when you yet to break even). Growth gives you respect (among your peers and in the market). Growth gives your startup morale and culture (that’s what everyone working in your team expect). Growth gives you chance to make money. Perhaps lots of them (chance and/or money).

Of course, it’s important that you have a realistic goal in mind. When do you expect the growth and what level should you expect? Most importantly, you need a context of time. After all, the most valuable resource everyone has is their precious time in this world. Because time is limited for everyone. We are all carrying a countdown timer that we cannot see.

Also, these days, not only graduates, but also people from different stages of their career join the startup field too. The good thing is that they bring a lot of experiences that, while different, are very much relevant to startup (if they prepare to adapt). However, these people also face the biggest problem, i.e. they have the ‘luxury’ of going back to what they used to do. People don’t ‘give up’, people just have too many ‘options’.

So again, if you are one of them, people who have options, be honest with yourself, with your situation, how much time and effort are you prepared to devote into this crazy little once in a lifetime project?

Perfect, now you are all ready to go!!

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