Thinking logic

Recently I have been reading up on how to eliminate bias when conducting researches. Obviously every researchers bring their very own experiences but that’s usually when bias can creep in, no matter how independent the researchers try to be.

So what does this mean to our everyday day life? Is it possible to be independent of our own preferences?  Or are we all prisoners of our own thoughts?

Instead of looking at this philosophically, I have been trying to use various ‘mental exercises’ to see if we can at least expand our prison cell.  And this is one of them.

For example, when we try to find out the differences between two subjects (therefore implying we have a preference to see the ‘differences’), I learnt that the best way actually is to understand their similarities. Not just using it as a start, but focus on it entirely. When we are forced to think in an opposite direction, good things happen.  And what you are looking for originally will naturally emerge.

In fact, I truly believe most things or views in life have more similarities than differences anyway.

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