Hong Kong Co-working space review – A walking tour (part three)

Ok, I have packed my luggage, got my visa from the Immigration Department, so I am all ready to go to the Kowloon side to visit more co-working spaces in Hong Kong (sorry for the inside joke!).

80/80 space – 28 July 2015 lunch time

Ngau Tau Kok is only a few stops away from the Hong Kong MTR line. It’s really not that far! Once you leave the MTR station, it takes only a couple of minutes through the tunnel to get to the building. Somehow 80/80 space is not showing on the building’s directory, but anyway, it’s on the 29th floor. So off I went. I was at the front door and immediately I could sense that the office is closed. I called the number displayed on the front door but no one answered. So I left (why my day always started like this). I did send them an email afterwards asking if they are still operating. And I got a reply later in the afternoon that they are on a roadshow and they would get back to me tomorrow. In any case, this seems more like a venue that you can book for special events, rather than a coworking space.

The Loft – 28 July 2015 lunch time

According to the website, it’s only a ‘stone throw’ away from the Diamond Hill MTR station. Well, unless you have really strong arm, it does take about 10 minutes walking distance to get there (from the MTR station). It’s basically situated in a factory building area and as you would expect, waiting time for the lift as well as the manual operation of the doors of the lifts can be challenging (though someone is there to help you).

So I was there. I could see through the cracks of the front door that the receptionist was not there. This may not be my day! Anyway, I pressed the alarm a few times and finally a gentleman opened the door and greeted me. It turned out he is just one of the tenants there. Nonetheless he did agree to show me around (wow, what a nice guy!).  After a quick tour of the office, he referred me back to the office staff there, a young friendly gentlemen named Darren.  And he showed me around once again.

The place definitely has more open area than meeting room (only 1 meeting room). It has a nice studio area and a 2000 sq.ft. outdoor area (nice!). It operates on a 24/7 basis and Darren told me that some tenants sometimes do stay overnight! Use of printer, meeting room, etc. are all based on a quota basis. One thing I quickly noticed was that this place was unusually quiet – and Darren attested that this is one of the key features of this space. Darren did say that while they do offer some events for its community, it’s few and far between.

To be continued…

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