Hong Kong Co-working space review – A walking tour (part two)

After a quick bite, off I go again in the afternoon.  There are so many co-working spaces in Hong Kong, it does take a while!

Garage Society – 27 July 2015 afternoon

It’s in the heart of Central, literally right next to a MTR exit (Central). The building itself is a brand new one too (probably only a few years old). They have 2 floors in Central and another office in Sheung Wan.

The place is very modern, though it’s different from the cool design of the Hive. It feels more like ‘home’, kind of like a very modern apartment that lets you settle right in. They also feature a very nice outdoor area. Best of all, free drinks and snacks in the fridge, as well as printing!  See, it does feel like home!

So I met this nice young lady called Samantha at the reception. English is her first language but she politely talked to me in Cantonese (yes, I started in Cantonese in all visits) – well, her Cantonese is excellent too.  And yes, she agreed to show me around after I left my contact details on a paper form.

The hot desk area is cozy (personal note: I am not a big fan of the high stool though) and it’s right next to the outdoor area so it gets a lot of the sunlight (personal note: this is something I love). They seem to have more space allocated for dedicated desks and rooms.  Oh, and I love it that they have a designated “quiet area”.  General Assembly has two permanent rooms for organising workshops on a daily basis. It’s smart to involve these long-term tenants as well as generating that ‘school’ like community. People there are definitely vibrant. Samantha also explains that they do organise quite a lot of workshops/training for the community, as well as social events.  And they are starting to offer basic accounting service to their members as well.


UNO – 27 July 2015 afternoon

This is next to Tsui Wah (Central Market) so it’s again very convenient. I was greeted by Kevin at the small reception area who immediately agreed to show me around. The total area is not that big and they have only 10 hot desks available (9 filled already!). Kevin said they do organise events every 1-2 months for its members. This feels more like a basic serviced office rather than a co-working space.

WYND – 27 July 2015 afternoon

This is situated in Lan Kwai Fong. Yes, there are literally bars right below the building! The building itself, as you would expect from that area, is fairly old. At the reception, I saw a lady and a gentleman (probably owners?) and when I asked for a tour they directed me to Eric, a young gentleman. Eric then kindly showed me around the office. There is no fancy pantry (quite basic actually) and no fancy decoration (still very nice though). And there is a nice long (narrow) balcony. They do have a hot desk area but it’s again not that big.

Eric said they organise a few events every week, starting at around 7pm – sometimes social, sometimes training related.

What a day – to be continued tomorrow.

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