Writing-in-pair marathon

前一排心血來潮,想推動吓寫作呢個興趣.雖然我自己冇乜寫作經驗,但係上年亂打亂撞咁完成咗一本short story,令我好想同朋友分享呢份開心!

之後有機會問一位寫作好有經驗嘅朋友,佢話我聽有一個叫iron blogger嘅活動,我睇咗之後改咗少少啲例。

The basic rules are similar to the “iron blogger” initiative but with a few tweaks:

1. You need to form in pairs – parent/child, friends of all sorts, or simply your writing partner.

2. As a pair, you need at least one blog post a week (both Chinese and English are welcome).

3. If you miss a post you owe the charity pool HKD $20.

4. 50% of the charity pool will be donated to a local charity while the other 50% will be used to subsidise our gatherings.

5. We encourage shorter posts (around 300 characters)

6. You can, at any point, decide to quit totally, zero out your balance, and give up the right to attend any future gathering.



Update: please go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/HKwritingclub/ for the latest rules

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