Book review 2017/2018

Back in 2016, I wrote a little review on books I read that year (2016 list), using 3 words only for each book. I didn’t do one last year so let me combine last year’s with this year’s list (yes, I cheated on some, stop nitpicking!).

What’s there to learn?

I have my fair share of interviews. Back in the days when I was climbing the corporate ladders, I was obviously lucky to catch a few breaks here and there but ultimately it was also about me willing to try out different career options. My motto is: it never hurts to meet more people.


香港人最常,最喜歡,又最討厭討論的議題一定是居住問題。 年輕的怕上不了車,賣掉的天天後悔,買到的想再多買一個。 大家人生好像沒有其他計劃,只要買房子就好了。


一個很常見的話題 – 我會給二十年前的我什麼人生建議? 其實答案很簡單, 說什麼都沒用,因為那時候的我根本不會聽進去。特別是不會聽一個用二十年前的角度講事情的人。


前幾天在臉書看到朋友分享以下這張圖: 除了再次體會中文的深奧,最吸引我的是‘開心’。